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A world shaped by the best evidence possible

You’ve probably never heard of us, but we’re on a mission and we need more people like you, now!

Our mission

We’re literally saving lives

No, really, we are.

See, the problem is that research and innovation can create a better world, but there is so much new research that no one can keep up. No one. So organizations worldwide use Covidence to distill the noise of research into high-value knowledge which keeps us all healthier and happier, for longer.

We know this might sound vague, so how about a concrete example? Using Covidence to accelerate their work, the Australian Stroke Foundation is saving over 500 people a year from death or severe disability.

With Covidence’s help, our users sift through vast quantities of data, clinical trials and studies, working long hours, so the world can reliably know which treatments work for people and what is just plain wrong or unknown.

In the same way that our users need Covidence, Covidence needs you.

We are growing rapidly with the world’s largest user community in this space and many of the world’s leading universities as our customers (names like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell and NYU).

Covidence is used by world-leading research organizations

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What’s in it for you?

Changing the world isn’t easy. We’re an international growing team with big ambitions.
Our head office is in Melbourne, Australia, but you’ll also find team members in 7 other cities around the world.

Covidence Comprehensive healthcare

Make a difference

Join an organization that’s focused on more than just numbers. As a not-for-profit, we genuinely care about making a real positive difference to the world, and the happiness and success of our global customers and team are the key to that.

People using Covidence

Keep learning

Covidence is all about helping researchers learn new things, so it's not surprising that we're big believers of continuous learning and growth. Far from being pigeon-holed into a box, you'll get the chance to expand your skills and give input across different areas of the organization.

People sitting on couch

Be yourself

We hire talented (and very smart) teammates from different backgrounds and experiences, and we're committed to a work environment of respect and kindness. We genuinely want to hear about your cat, kids, or that amazing holiday you've just come back from. In short, whatever makes you, you.

People using Covidence

Have freedom and flexibility

Have the freedom to do great work in a way that suits your lifestyle. Whether that's part-time, working remotely, a blend of the two, or something else, we want to make sure you're there for other moments that matter in your life, not just work.

Our values

We use our values as our guiding light in everything we do


Societal impact is our primary motivation.


Our work starts from a deep understanding of our user community.


We innovate continually to deliver the best for our user community.


We shape our future by working together openly and honestly.

Current roles available at Covidence

Software Engineers

We're looking for developers with a passion for user experience to join our team and help scale our product.

Interested in working with us?

If you're keen to join the team but don't fit one of the current openings, we'd still love to talk. Send us an email and tell us a little about yourself, we're always looking for talented people who are inspired by our vision of a world driven by evidence-based decisions.

Can't see your perfect role?

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