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Don’t listen to us, here’s what real reviewers have to say about using Covidence for their systematic review.

Covidence is amazing. It’s such an easy tool for a systematic review.

Laura Michelle Mazar

Stanford, USA
I am very pleased with my experience with it to date, I am raving about it to anyone who will listen, it makes me want to cry it works so beautifully.

Rachael Couban

McMaster University, Canada
Greatly preferable to carrying out a systematic review the 'old' way using Excel!

James Charleswoth

University of Oxford, UK
I love how easy it is to sort through the literature.

Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig

Odense Universitetshopital, Denmark
Once you use Covidence, you'll never go back to the dark ages for a systematic review again.

Aaron Conway

QUT, Australia
I love Covidence. Data extraction done in 10 minutes - can I take the rest of the day off?

Therese Dalsbø

UiT, Norway
It's a great system and works well on my iPad as well as main computer. Perfect for making long train journeys go quickly!

Bernie Carter

Edge Hill University, England
My life is much better with Covidence! Thank you to all staff of Covidence.

Porjai Pattanittum

Khon Kaen University, Thailand
I really like Covidence. It certainly has saved a lot of time and has worked well with multiple authors in the past.

Brendan Carr

Stonybrook, USA
I have found Covidence to be a beautifully presented interface, clear and simple to use, and extremely effective! Definitely making the screening process a lot easier and the extra reviewers function are great!

Neong Gao

1st time systematic reviewer
Definitely a wonderful tool.

Pearman Hayne

University of South Carolina, USA
Definitely makes it easier!

Chantel Ramraj

University of Toronto, Canada

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