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6 reasons why Institutions are using Covidence

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Number 1A world-class systematic review management system

I'm in the early days of setting up a more robust systematic review service

Covidence gives you a clear overview of the systematic reviews that are happening in your institution and the people involved in them. This means, at any time, you can assess the quality of the question and search criteria of a review as well as the team's progress.

I’ve got a handle on things, and I’m now ready to scale and optimize my service

Covidence provides you with the information you need to understand what teams are doing, how efficiently they’re working, when they’re stuck and how best to help. Over time, you can learn and continually improve your methods, efficiency, and overall quality of research being produced by your institution.

Number 2I love the premium, ongoing support

Enjoy a premium level of support with:

  • Expert systematic reviewers available to answer difficult questions
  • Access to Cochrane interactive learning, the gold-standard in systematic review methodology, to help upskill you and your team
  • A curated selection of branded marketing collateral to help you promote the use of Covidence internally. The more reviews using Covidence, the more in-control you are.
  • 3 personal online training webinars per year
Logo for Weill Cornell Medicine Samuel J. Wood Library

Covidence has been a game changer for our systematic review service. Our researchers love Covidence - and so do we. In addition to using the tool for the systematic review process, our librarians use it to monitor active reviews. Covidence allows us to know where in the process each research team is, which members are most active, and whether the team may require a friendly prompt. We can also see if teams are sticking to their established methodology for inclusion/exclusion. Before Covidence, we were often in the dark on a review’s progress. Covidence has switched on the light.

Diana Delgado, MLS, AHIP
Associate Director, Information, Education and Clinical Services

Page 1 Created with Sketch. Number 3It's a great tool for teaching

Covidence is so easy-to-use that you can get a student quickly up to speed with how a systematic review works and keep an eye on the review from your dashboard. With expert reviewers on staff, Covidence support can also help.

Page 1 Created with Sketch. Number 4We consolidated and got going quickly

With secure access control, Covidence gives you a centralized repository of institutionally-authored reviews. It includes a branded sign-up page that you can distribute internally, people with authorized email addresses can sign themselves up and start creating reviews under your single institutional account.

Cochrane logo

Number 5We get instant digital innovation in partnership with Covidence and Cochrane

Technology is disrupting every facet of the way we live our lives and the services that a library provides is no exception. Automation, Machine Learning, AI aren’t just buzzwords any more, they’re real and they’re here now.

Covidence is at the forefront of this technology, working in close partnership with Cochrane so you can trust the technology we develop will be acceptable to the global evidence-based practice community and to journal peer reviewers. We’re already applying many of the principles of automation to the way we’re evolving the software. We’re ready. This means you are too.


In a randomized comparison, Covidence resulted in an average 35% reduction in time spent per review, saving an average of 71 hours per review.

Number 6We get all the standard Covidence benefits that review teams get with every new review

  • All of your data stored in one place.
  • Seamless collaboration because it’s all online. Teams can work from anywhere.
  • Quite simply, it’s faster. An average 35% reduction in time spent per review, saving an average of 71 hours per review.
  • Seamless connection with your existing tools. You can add Covidence to your existing workflow if you’re using EndNote, Zotero, Refworks, Mendeley, RevMan or any tool that supports RIS or PubMed XML formats.
  • No software to install. Never worry about installing software again. It’s online, it’s secure - just sign in.
  • Screening on your mobile. Got a spare 10 minutes on the train? Chip away at title and abstract screening on your mobile and complete your review quicker.

How much does it cost?

Contact us for unlimited access to Covidence for your whole institution.

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