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Unlocking Insights: 16th European Public Health Conference in Dublin!

Here’s our wrap-up of key takeaways from the 16th Annual European Public Health (EPH) Conference 2023 in Dublin!

Conference theme: “Our Food, Our Health, Our Earth: A Sustainable Future for Humanity”

Mags van der Esch and Helen Ellis from the Covidence EMEA team were honored to be part of the 16th European Public Health (EPH) Conference, hosted in the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland, from 8 – 11 November 2023. Organized by the EPH Conference Foundation, this in-person event brought together 2,450 delegates from over 85 countries worldwide, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and insights.

First off – a huge THANK YOU to you!

Our team’s discussions with participants revolved around showcasing how Covidence can support them in their research endeavors, offering solutions to expedite screening processes and foster collaborative, efficient evidence synthesis. We were thrilled to attend the event and want to thank everyone who visited the Covidence stand to share their experiences with us! We appreciate the opportunity to engage with the conference attendees and look forward to continuing to contribute to advancements in evidence-based research.

It was all about: “Our Food, Our Health, Our Earth: A Sustainable Future for Humanity”

The conference delved into critical topics surrounding the intersection of food, health, and environmental sustainability, offering a platform for thought leaders to share their perspectives and research. The conference provided a platform for participants to share their research, ideas, and experiences on achieving a sustainable future for humanity through our food, health, and the earth.

Our stand-out talk: “Transitioning to more sustainable food systems that support health and wellbeing”

  • Suzanne Costello, CEO, Institute of Public Health, Ireland
  • Caroline Costongs, Director EuroHealthNet

Watch the insightful session on sustainable food systems, led by Suzanne Costello & Caroline Costongs below, or watch more sessions here.

Poster Prize Recognition
Congratulations is extended to Aline Scohy from Sciensano, Belgium, who clinched the esteemed Best Poster Prize for her exceptional work on “Women’s health report for Belgium: addressing the information gap.” The conference deliberations centered on various facets, including gender-related health issues, healthcare delivery, the integration of digital tools, and the requisite workforce competencies crucial for ensuring quality care.

Prestigious Ference Boyan Award
Another huge congratulations goes to Djoeke Besselink from Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Netherlands, for receiving the Ference Boyan Award. Djoeke’s abstract, “Changes in health of older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal cohort study,” showcased the resilience and dedication evident in her research.

Our key Takeaways and Learnings:

      • Interconnectedness of Health and Environment: The conference emphasized the intricate link between food, health, and our planet, reinforcing the need for sustainable practices in public health initiatives.
      • Life Course Immunization Matters: Adopting a life course approach to immunization emerged as a crucial strategy for promoting public health, healthy aging, and sustainable healthcare systems.
      • Information Gaps in Women’s Health: Aline Scohy’s award-winning poster shed light on the importance of addressing information gaps in women’s health, urging for more comprehensive research and awareness.
      • Resilience in Research during the Pandemic: Djoeke Besselink’s study highlighted the resilience of researchers, even in the face of unprecedented challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.
      • Feedback Recognition: The feedback received about Covidence underscores the positive impact on the research life of institutions.
      • Continued Mission: Covidence remains committed to helping researchers and institutions advance in evidence-based research and supporting institutions in their research endeavors.

Looking Forward:
As we reflect on the success of EPH 2023, Covidence eagerly anticipates future collaborations, learnings, and the opportunity to contribute further to the advancements in public health.

As a platform dedicated to streamlining evidence synthesis, Covidence empowers researchers to save time on screening and enhances collaborative efficiency in evidence synthesis for individuals and organizations alike. If you would like to learn more about what we can do to help your institution you can reach out to us here.


See you at the next European Public Health Conference!

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