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World-class systematic review management for your institution

Manage your reviews across your whole institution

  • Get an overview of all reviews currently happening
  • See who is working on reviews
  • Assign a librarian to oversee a review
  • Make sure the team is setup for success with a good search strategy
  • Make sure reviews don’t stagnate

Understand who is behind your systematic reviews

  • Can’t remember the name of the review? Find it by person
  • Contact anyone working on a review
  • Understand reviewers workloads across multiple reviews
  • Control who can see what, and when

Premium customer support

Helping teams produce high-quality systematic reviews is just one of the many things on the growing list of responsibilities for libraries. You’re not alone. No matter what level of systematic review expertise there is at your library, Covidence for Institutions provides a premium level of support with your plan.
  • Expert systematic reviewers available to answer difficult questions from your patrons
  • Access to Cochrane Interactive Learning, the gold standard in systematic review training, to help upskill you and your team
  • A curated selection of branded marketing collateral to help you promote the use of Covidence internally
  • 3 personal online training webinars per year

Covidence makes review teams more efficient

In a randomised comparison, Covidence resulted in an average of 35% reduction in time spent per review, saving an average of 71 hours per review.
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Instant digital innovation in partnership with Cochrane

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