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For anyone wanting to try Covidence to improve their systematic review tools and processes.

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Gives you:

    A full-featured version of Covidence for up to 500 records of your own data.




For small teams wanting to collaborate on one new review each year.

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  • 1 review per renewal with
  • unlimited reviewers




For small teams who manage and contribute to a few reviews each year.

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Gives you:

  • 3 reviews per renewal with
  • unlimited reviewers per review

And every plan gives you

Seamless connection with your existing tools
You can add Covidence to your existing workflow if you're using CRS, EndNote, Zotero, Refworks, Mendeley, RevMan or any tool that supports RIS, CSV or PubMedXML formats.

A centralised view of your data
Teams collaborate on a single instance of your data, so you'll never lose track of your review.

128-bit SSL encryption and backups
Never worry about losing your data or storing sensitive projects online, we've got you covered.

No software to install
Never worry about installing software again. It's online, it's secure - Just sign in.

Screening on your mobile
Got a spare 10 minutes on the train? Chip away at title and abstract screening on your mobile and complete your review quicker.

Regular, free software updates
We know review teams work differently so we're constantly releasing new features based on customer feedback.

Free online technical support
Our friendly Covidence experts are here for you. Get outstanding technical support whenever you want it.

If your review team is based in a Low or Lower Middle Income Country and you would like to use Covidence for your review contact us.

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