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Research Masterminds
Special Offer

We think the work that Research Masterminds Success Academy is doing to raise the standard of systematic reviews and the tools to use is great. So as a way to say thank you,  we want to make the life of the Academy Members easier as they embark on their own systematic reviews. 

Research Masterminds Success Academy Members from Low-and Middle-Income Countries get free access to Covidence single package subscription and Members from High-Income Countries get 50% discount on their Covidence single package subscription. This offer is valid for the first 12 months from the time that you apply for this offer

How to get the offer

1. Click on “Free Trial” at the top of the page and create an account with Covidence.

2. Come back to this form and provide us with the email address that you have used to create the account.

3. We will apply the offer to your account and for you to use a plan in 12 months. 

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