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Finalists: 2022 Australian Impact Investment Awards

Covidence has been shortlisted for the ‘Impact Enterprise’ category award 2022, here’s why.


The Australian Impact Investment Awards offers an opportunity for organisations and individuals to showcase and be recognised for their expertise, commitment and outstanding activity in the Australian impact investing ecosystem.

We are delighted to be honoured by this nomination, joining other organisations who are doing extraordinary work to make the world a better place.


What makes Covidence a worthy candidate for the award?

If you have been following our story for a while you will know that Covidence is on a mission to change the way the world creates and uses trustworthy knowledge. Covidence has been involved in numerous initiatives over the years that brings this mission into reality. Our impact is wide-scale, but here are a few examples:


  • Covidence helped the Australian Stroke Foundation accelerate the updating of national guidelines using the ‘Living Evidence’ model, saving over 321 people from death or severe disability.
  • Covidence helped the Indonesian Academy of Science address rising maternal death rates by supporting the assessment of evidence for Indonesia’s national policies.
  • Covidence helped support responses to the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling rapid and ‘living’ evidence for the treatment and care of people with COVID-19 in Australia and beyond.
  • Covidence has supported many critical health guidelines around the world, such as World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on support for women to breastfeed, and Australian guidelines for the care of indigenous people with kidney disease.
  • Covidence enabled many major evidence reviews in climate sciences, such as the adoption of climate-resistant crops by small-scale farmers in low- and middle-income countries.


We are delighted to receive the nomination. We are in such great company with the other nominees – a mix of outstanding Australian change-makers. I also want to thank the Covidence team for all their incredible ongoing efforts to change the way the world creates and uses trustworthy knowledge”. – Covidence founder, Dr Julian Elliott.

The Australian Impact Investment Awards

How do we do this? Well, Covidence is a non-profit company that provides a software platform that helps people around the world find, review and make sense of all the scientific research relevant to specific questions. We like to think of this process, known as ‘systematic review’ as the ‘science of making sense of science’. By using Covidence researchers can create a high-quality, trustworthy knowledge signal from the noise of scientific information and keep it up to date with the latest research. This is creating new forms of trustworthy knowledge that all of us can use in our decision-making. 

There are currently more than 300,000 users on the Covidence platform producing an average of 6,000 reviews per month.

We aim to continue making a big impact around the world and hope you will come with us on that journey. 

The 2022 Australian Impact Investment Awards are proudly powered by the Impact Investing Hub and are developed and managed by the Social Impact Hub, in collaboration with the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific. The awards ceremony will take place on the 14th December in Sydney. 


See who is using Covidence here.



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