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Release Notes Sept 23: Faster screening with PICOS-structured eligibility criteria

Covidence’s eligibility criteria feature now supports the PICOS framework!

What did we change?

Covidence has always encouraged reviewers to store their screening criteria in the app so that the whole team can reference the same information. The old version allowed only two categories: inclusion criteria, and exclusion criteria.

Now we’ve split those two categories into much more detail: Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcomes, and Study Characteristics (PICOS). This framework is widely used and supported and helps review teams get their protocols as clear as possible before they get started. 

If you’ve already used the previous version, not to worry: your existing inclusion/exclusion criteria can be found under Other criteria.

Why is this PICOS update important?

Using PICOS helps to make sure you don’t miss any relevant studies, and saves you time by reducing voting conflicts.

With this feature you can:

  • Structure your criteria by PICOS
  • View your criteria while screening
  • Ensure your team is referencing the current protocol

By making your inclusion and exclusion criteria as clear as possible, you’ll set your team and your review up for screening success. Plus by adding these criteria in Covidence, you’ll have your protocol right at your fingertips, without having to flip between multiple pages, tabs, and documents to remember your screening decision guidance. We can’t help you with the 50 other tabs of journal articles you’re totally definitely going to read tonight… but it’s one less window and tab!

To get started, go to your Review settings and then click Eligibility criteria. Once you’re set up and ready to screen, click the Criteria button on your screening page to quickly and easily reference this information. Head to our Knowledge Base to learn more details, including examples of how this framework works for different types of reviews.

What’s happening next with PICOS?

We’re working on how to make screening turbo-charged using PICOS information.

Interested in testing out using PICOS to semi-automate screening in Covidence? Get in touch.

Not ready to test semi-automated screening, but want to help the Covidence team as we rigorously test it out to ensure it’s as safe as possible? Update existing and completed reviews with PICOS criteria! Reach out if you’d like any additional information – we’d love to hear from you.

Are you interested in an institutional license for your entire organization? Follow this link to request a consultation or recommend your institution, here.


Why is obtaining an institutional license for Covidence more beneficial for the entire organization compared to individual subscriptions?

  • An institutional license to Covidence can benefit the entire organization by providing: 
  • A centralized platform for systematic reviews that can improve research quality, 
  • A streamline the review process, 
  • Enhance collaboration among researchers,
  • It can also save costs by providing a more affordable option for multiple users, 
  • As well as offering administrative benefits such as easier management of licenses and user access.

Learn more about an institutional license here.



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