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Release Notes: December 2021

End of year product update

As we close out another big, but challenging year,we hope that the features and updates we have delivered this year have helped make life a little easier in completing a systematic review.

With the new year approaching we wanted to share the final product update for 2021 and  the highlights of some things we have planned for the start of 2022 to collaborate and streamline.


Features delivered this month:

    • Extraction 2.0 : New checkbox field
    • Extraction 2.0 : Manage reviewers
    • Extraction 2.0 : Removing conflicts if fields are left blank
    • Title & Abstract : Undo vote via desktop 

In a little more detail…


There is now a ‘checkbox field type’ within Extraction 2.0. It allows you and your team to select one or many options from a list when extracting data, resolving conflicts through consensus and exporting your data.

Checkbox field in Extraction 2.0

Manage reviewers

We now have the option to re-assign studies to someone else in the review team, even if  a reviewer has started data extraction or consensus. There’s also the option to keep the data that’s already been extracted or clear the form data.

Re-assign reviewers in Extraction 2.0

Removing conflicts if fields are left blank

To save time during consensus, conflicts are no longer raised in Extraction 2.0 if both reviewers leave a field empty.

You can see an example of this in the screenshot below where the notes field has been left blank and a conflict hasn’t been raised.

Consensus screen in Covidence - removes conflicts if left blank

Undo Vote (Desktop)

We’ve aligned the desktop version to our mobile version and it’s now possible to ‘undo your vote’ within title and abstract. You can quickly undo your vote if you have made a mistake and easily re-cast your vote using this new feature on desktop.

Title & Abstract - undo your vote feature in Covidence

Looking ahead to 2022

Covidence gets better by the continued feedback we get from our users, the improvements and innovation we have planned for 2022 is no different. 

Some things you can expect to see early next year is continued efficiency.

Whilst we know that our import function catches many duplicates, sometimes some duplicates still go through into screening. This is a real pain point to manage and report on and so we’ll be focusing on a simple way to mark a reference as a duplicate, with Covidence reporting on it and updating your PRISMA diagram appropriately.

We’ll continue to improve Extraction 2.0 by improving the time it takes to create an extraction template and introducing a simple way to upload your extracted data into RevMan Web. 

Throughout 2022 we’ll also be creating a better experience for students. Providing more education and best practice within Covidence to help get users up to speed faster and produce high quality synthesis. 

Our plans to continue to help our community succeed don’t stop here. We can’t wait to share more initiatives and improvements with you in 2022.

For now, we wish you a safe holiday period from all of us.

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