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Release Notes: January 2022

Keep up to date on new features and fixes on Covidence


  • Updating the look and feel of the duplicates page
  • Performance improvements in Extraction 2.0
  • Bug fixes

De-Duplication improvements

The duplicates page has had a face lift. You can now see more intuitively that we are matching 1 primary reference to many duplicates. This is part of a wider piece of work to add the ability to manually mark a reference as a duplicate, this will be released in the coming weeks.

Extraction 2.0 performance improvements

For large extraction forms in Extraction 2.0, the screen could take a long time to load and update when entering data for a study. We have made significant improvements to the following:

  • The screen load time when opening a study 
  • Entering text
  • Selecting a single choice
  • Selecting a checkbox

These improvements have been made for the extraction form and the consensus form.

Bug fixes

Along with adding new features we’ve also fixed some bugs.

Bug fix – Extraction 1 csv export wasn’t exporting all studies if interventions weren’t added

We have fixed a bug in which a study wasn’t being included in the Extraction 1 csv export if interventions hadn’t been added against the study.


Bug fix – The limit of un-merging 20 studies at a time has been removed

Previously, you could un-merge 20 studies at a time in Extraction 2.0. This limit has now been removed.


Bug fix: Users were unable to add data into tables when using safari

We have fixed an issue which was stopping users enter data into tables in Extraction 2.0 when using safari. This wasn’t impacting other browsers.


Bug fix: When managing reviewers in Extraction 2.0, only 20 reviewers were displayed in the list

Reviewing teams with over 20 reviewers couldn’t see a complete list when re-assigning a reviewer. Only 20 were being displayed. This has now been fixed.


Bug fix: Outcome groups added to the template in Extraction 1 will now appear on individual studies. Duplicate domains will not be shown in the Quality Assessment form or RevMan export.

For reviews starting extraction in data extraction 1.0, all outcome groups added to the template will now show on individual studies. This will still be an issue for reviews which have started extraction

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