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Student Ambassadors: Update 2022

Update: Covidence Student Ambassadors Support the Systematic Review Community.

Did you know that Covidence has a systematic review community of over 200,000 users?  Some are so passionate about the platform, they feel compelled to tell people about it too. And from this (among other factors…), the Covidence ambassadors programme took flight. Pioneered by Systematic Review Researcher and original ambassador, Razia Aliani.

The ambassador programme was created for Covidence users to share their experiences with their systematic review community. Which could basically include showing them how to access Covidence’s easy-to-use platform to presenting a Covidence training session.

With the pilot scheme proving of great success and in high demand, we spoke to Razia about what she thought about the programme so far and what she has envisioned for the future of the ambassadors.

This is what she had to say; “Since we launched our first student ambassador programme in September, we have welcomed 13 ambassadors from 12 different countries to represent Covidence in their respective student communities. Four training sessions have already been conducted and many more are in the pipeline. I personally attended one of the training sessions and I was introduced to the university leaders as well. All of whom were in praise of the programme. With such a positive response received during our first cohort, we are excited to expand the programme in the near future so that our outreach to students and universities reaches a greater magnitude.”



Training sessions for the systematic review community.

One of the training sessions Razia mentions took place recently at Queen University Belfast’s Nursing and Midwifery faculty, with great success. One tweet from a nurse and senior lecturer in attendance read “…Great enthusiasm for #evidencesynthesis and how #Covidence can support reviewers. Well done [Ambassador] for facilitating such an engaging workshop!”. They also then went on to exclaim at the slide which detailed how Covidence saves a reviewer an average of 71 hours of manual work. Something which would be of great value to anyone within the systematic review community.

From what we have gathered, the future of the ambassador programme looks bright and looks set to expand into 2023. Congratulations and well done to all involved. You have certainly set the bar high in providing a valuable contribution to the systematic review community.



If you want to read more about the ambassadors, you can do so on this blog post or you can join some of the 200,000 users by following us on Twitter.

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