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Covidence Academy

Find helpful tips and tools for getting started on your systematic review with Covidence.

Getting Started On Your Systematic Review

Completing a systematic review is a big task. It might even seem overwhelming at the beginning as you navigate what’s ahead of you. 

At Covidence Academy, we are going to help. You can find information and step-by-step guides to better understand the theory as well as learn more about how to use the Covidence platform – all in one place.

Easy, simple and practical guides to help you through the workflow

The systematic review workflow can be broken down into 8 steps. Covidence helps you with the heavy lifting to complete your review faster, with less headaches and tears!

Read the guides, written by experts in systematic reviews, to learn more about:

  • the systematic review process from beginning to end
  • how to formulate a review question
  • how to write a search strategy
  • best practice guidelines for abstract screening
  • and more…

Getting started with Covidence

Covidence is the #1 tool for systematic reviews because it reduces the time it takes to do systematic review by up to 30%. 

With Covidence you will be able to:

  • import citations from your reference manager
  • screen titles and abstracts
  • upload references
  • screen full texts
  • create custom tables for data extraction
  • populate risk of bias tables 
  • export 

Take a look at each step to help you get you on your way.

View the video or click on the icon to be taken to the knowledge base article.

Sign in

Signing in is a simple step with Covidence or a Cochrane account.

Create a new review

Name your review and away you go!

Accept an invite

Learn how to accept an invite and start collaborating on a review.

Team settings

Learn how to quickly configure each stage of the process to give you more control of who can do what in your review & check out the team progress.

Import references

Learn how to quickly upload your references. 

Abstract & title screening

Yes, No, Maybe? Learn how quick and easy abstract and title screening is in Covidence.

Full text screening

Learn about full text screening and how you can keep track of your team’s progress.


Use the pre-formatted template for intervention reviews or create your own templates.

Kalina Lamb Fahey, Health Psych candidate
"This an appreciation post for @Covidence It's my first time working on a systematic review and I could cry from the simplicity"
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Tracey Scott, PhD student
If you have never done a systematic review before, Covidence is not only the tool to do it with, it's the tool to teach you how to do it."
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Shivani Rayamajhi, student
I cannot put into words how much Covidence has helped me in the process of my first-ever systematic review and meta-analysis. The user-friendly interface and multiple helpful tutorials made the entire experience really easy and enjoyable for me.
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Additional resources

Covidence is a community and we are all here to support you with your systematic review. Here are a few other places you can find support.

  • Contact anytime to answer any of your questions – our product experts all have first hand experience with systematic reviews.  
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel to find more video tutorials, and recorded webinars 
  • Head to the knowledge base to get answers to FAQs
  • Join us on Twitter @covidence to hear about product updates and more tips from us and our community of followers.

Download a supervisor – student checklist 

To keep you on track with your systematic review

Quick guide to understanding the different review types

What review do you need to undertake and what are the main differences

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