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Release Notes July 2023: Data extraction improvements

Streamlining Data Extraction in Covidence: Improved PDF Viewing and Un-Merging Studies

Covidence, the leading systematic review management tool, continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of researchers. We are delighted to introduce two significant improvements that enhance the data extraction process in Covidence. 

In this blog post, we will explore the improved PDF viewing functionality and the introduction of un-merging studies in both Extraction 1 and Extraction 2. These advancements are designed to streamline your research process, save time, and improve the accuracy of your systematic reviews. Let’s dive in!

Improved PDF Viewing during Extraction:

We understand the importance of extracting data accurately from full-text article PDFs. With our enhanced extraction 1 and 2 features, Covidence now offers improved PDF viewing capabilities that enhance your research experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Zoom In and Out on PDFs: Extracting data often requires a closer examination of the content. With Covidence’s enhanced PDF viewing, you can now zoom in and out on PDFs seamlessly. Whether you need to focus on specific details or get a broader view of the document, this feature provides greater flexibility and control over your data extraction process.

  • The ability to rotate the PDF: This helps users view content when its orientation isn’t aligned with the rest of the document.

  • Search Within PDFs: Searching for specific terms or keywords within lengthy PDF documents can be time-consuming. Covidence has addressed this challenge by introducing a search functionality within PDFs during the extraction process. Simply enter the desired terms into the search bar, and Covidence will highlight and navigate to the relevant sections, enabling efficient data extraction and reducing manual effort.

  • Reliable Copying and Pasting: We understand the importance of accurately transferring data from PDFs into your extraction fields. With improved copying and pasting functionality, Covidence ensures a more reliable and accurate process. You can now confidently copy and paste text from PDFs into Covidence without worrying about formatting issues or data loss.

Un-Merging Studies in Extraction 1 and Extraction 2:

Merging studies is a valuable feature in Covidence that allows you to associate multiple references under a single study. However, until now, un-merging studies was only available in Extraction 2. We are delighted to announce that un-merging studies is now available in both Extraction 1 and Extraction 2. Here’s why this is significant:

  • Enhanced Precision: Un-merging studies offers improved precision during the data extraction process. By separating individual publications within a merged study, researchers can analyze and extract specific information from each publication separately, ensuring accuracy and eliminating the risk of overlooking critical data points.

  • Tailored Workflows: Extraction 1, known for its intervention-focused capabilities, can now benefit from the un-merge studies feature. This combination empowers researchers to adapt their data extraction workflows to the specific needs of their review. Integration with RevMan Web and RevMan 5 further streamlines the process, enabling seamless collaboration and improved efficiency.

The latest advancements in Covidence’s data extraction capabilities, including improved PDF viewing during extraction and the introduction of un-merging studies in Extraction 1 and Extraction 2, represent significant improvements to the systematic review process. These features empower researchers with enhanced control, efficiency, and precision, ultimately leading to more reliable and robust systematic reviews.

We encourage you to explore and utilise these new features in Covidence. Your feedback is invaluable in our ongoing efforts to refine and optimise our platform. Give these improvements a try, and share your thoughts with us. We are committed to continually improving Covidence to meet your evolving research needs.

Happy extracting and reviewing!

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