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Release Notes: February 2022

Keep up to date on new features and fixes on Covidence


  • Mark as duplicate during screening

  • New manually marked duplicates page

  • Improvements to navigate on the review summary page

New feature: Mark as duplicate

When you are screening in title and abstract or full text, you can manually mark a reference as a duplicate. 

Marking a study as a duplicate will:

  • remove it from the screening list
  • report it as a duplicate in the PRISMA diagram
  • exclude it from the inter-rater reliability report
  • show who marked the reference as a duplicate

If you make a mistake, then you can quickly undo or manage this later on the manually marked duplicates page.

New feature: Manually marked duplicates page:

To easily check what has been manually marked, you can navigate to a new separate page which allows you to manage all the references that you have marked as a duplicate. On this page you’ll be able to move a study back into screening by clicking on the “Not a duplicate” button and view who marked the study as a duplicate.

Enhancements : Improvements to navigate  on the review summary page:

We’ve made two changes to improve the usability and navigation of the review summary page:

  1. Introduced a chevron (⌃ or v) to indicate that each area is expandable.
  2. Reduced the dead click area between the links on the right of the accordion header

Bug fixes

Along with adding new features we’ve also fixed some bugs.

Bug fix: Data Extraction 2 numbers were sometimes incorrect

Studies would sometimes appear on the wrong tab in Extraction 2 if a study was in consensus or complete but then a user updated their extraction form or the template. This has now been fixed.

Bug fix: Show the user that the bulk pdf import failed

Previously, if an import failed due to the file being in the incorrect format the screen showed that the file was still processing. The screen now correctly shows that the import failed. 

Bug fix: In Extraction 1, duplicate domains will not be shown in the QA form or RevMan5 export.

For new reviews starting Extraction 1, all outcome groups added to the template will now show on individual studies and no duplicate domains will appear in the RevMan 5 export.


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